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What is the Difference Between a Sticker and a Decal?

Typically the term decal refers to a vinyl die-cut/plotter-cut one color sticker. The term Sticker typically refers to a multi-color screen printed, dye sublimated product, or full color printed product. San Diego Sticker however uses these two terms interchangeably with one another.

What Types of Decals and Stickers Do You Sell?

At this time San Diego Sticker only sells vinyl plotter-cut stickers/decals. We do have the capability to do multiple colors per design. When interested, we recommend that the multiple colors do not overlap. This gives a clean elegant look to the design.  All "Sticker" products on the SD Sticker website are vinyl plotter cut window decals.

Trademark and Copyright Policy

San Diego Sticker will not create or sell decals that are the ownership of another entity without prior written consent. If you would like a design that is copyrighted or trademarked, please contact them directly and request in writing the permission to use the design. You may fax us or email us the approval. eFax: 1-206-888-6541

How Do I Submit a Design for Your Custom Decal Service?

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We are able to accept all types of artwork to make into a vinyl decal, however, vector artwork is preferred. If you have a bitmap (for example: .jpg) image the higher the resolution the better your decal will look in the end.

What is Vector Artwork?

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Vector artwork is a completely different type of image. Unlike, bitmap images (for example the photos you take with your digital camera) which have millions of pixels, vector uses lines and nodes to display the image. Vector artwork is independent of resolution and can be scaled to any size.

How Long Will My Decal Sticker Last?

Vinyl decal rolls from wholesale manufacturers come in many variations. Sometimes it is hard to know what you are going to receive when you purchase off the internet. Vinyl decals & stickers come in quality ranges from 2 years up to around 10 years. At SD Sticker, We use almost exclusively 5-6 year vinyl. This is often called intermediate vinyl, which is a great quality vinyl for car vehicle window decals and stickers. You can shop in peace knowing that you will receive a quality product everytime you order. With consistency.

We also use the same 5-6 year vinyl for our custom orders. If desired we can use 7-8 year rated or higher vinyl for applications needing long-term use. Extra processing time will be necessary, as we don't always carry the higher rated vinyl in stock. When you are requesting a quote please let us know the details of your application and how long you intend to use the sticker decals.

Would you like to see the vinyl first hand before ordering? Request a free color chart. The color chart is for vinyl plotter-cut decal stickers. We also offer full color printed stickers & decals. Email or Call us for more information.

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