How Long Will My Sticker or Decal Last?

How long does a plotter-cut decal last?

Vinyl decal rolls from wholesale manufacturers come in many variations. Sometimes it is hard to know what you are going to receive when you purchase off the internet. Vinyl decals & stickers come in quality ranges from 2 years up to around 10 years.

We use almost exclusively 5-6 year vinyl. This is often called intermediate vinyl, which is a great quality vinyl for car vehicle window decals and stickers.  You can shop in peace knowing that you will receive a quality product every time you order.

We also use the same 5-6 year vinyl for our custom orders.  If desired we can use 7-8 year rated or higher vinyl for applications needing long-term use. Extra processing time will be necessary, as we don’t always carry the higher rated vinyl in stock.  When you are requesting a quote please let us know the details of your application and how long you intend to use the sticker decals.

Would you like to see the vinyl first hand before ordering? Request a free sample.  The color chart is for vinyl plotter-cut decal stickers.  We also offer full color printed stickers & decals.  Email or Call us for more information.

How long does a printed sticker last?

Printed stickers, come in two varieties: Laminated and Unlaminated. Unlaminated full color printed stickers are outdoor rated for about 3 years. While laminated stickers, like bumper stickers are outdoor rated for approximately 5-7 years.

Extending the life of your sticker or decal

Click here to see our tips on how to take care of your stickers and decals.


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