How to Submit a Design for a Custom Decal or Sticker

How to Submit a Design to SD Sticker

This is a quick guide on how to submit designs or logos to San Diego Sticker for our Custom Decal Service.

You may submit your designs by filling out the quote form on the Custom Decal Service page.

Vector Artwork
We prefer vector artwork whenever available. Vector artwork is free from resolution constraints and will give a perfect, crisp decal. Using vector artwork will ultimately reduce artwork time and also reduce your costs.

Bitmap or JPG Artwork
It is suggested that bitmap artwork not be used for the creation of your decal. However, if you have a logo or design as a bitmap we can convert it for you. Re-Design, vectorization, or other artwork services may be an additional cost.

Other File Types
If your logo or design is in Microsoft Word (or similar text editor), You may save the file as a PDF and email it in. With this method, please send as much information and details as possible.

Drawn or Paper Design Sketches
You may scan or take a clear photo of your design mock ups and sketches. Then use the custom decal quote form to submit your design.

Design Consultation Meetings
We offer design consultations in person. If you are interested, please contact us to schedule a time. There is an additional cost for this meeting. Please contact us for more details.

How Should I Set Up My design?
Please set up your vector artwork at 100% (actual size) in black and white. The black will represent the vinyl and the white will represent no vinyl. If you are requesting a multiple color decal, you may include the different colors. Please give a detailed explanation of the colors you are looking for. Artwork at 100% means that if you need a decal that is 35 inches wide; inside the computer design file the artwork is 35 inches wide.

Click below to request a custom decal quote. Generally we will respond with a quote within 24 hours. Please submit all the information you have, including: color or colors you would like, size, application (where are you applying the decal), and any other special requests. The more information provided will expedite the process.


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